Use These 5 Tricks to Power Through Challenging Workouts

We all want to do our best in being consistent and giving every workout everything, we’ve got. After all, phoning it in won’t produce results.

There are times, however, when our minds or bodies are letting us down and we just don’t have the motivation to finish a workout. Either the workout is a challenge, or it’s just a bad day.

It happens to all of us, but thankfully, we can succeed at pushing through those barriers with these five tricks that will help you power through even the toughest workouts.

1. Use the Right Supplements for Workout

It takes a certain amount of oxygen and the right nutrients for your body to go beyond its normal activity. We can’t just will our bodies to produce them, we have to find a way to provide these nutrients for them.

This is why supplementation is such a big thing in the fitness industry. While some supplements are downright dangerous, others are very helpful to athletes trying to achieve a healthy goal.

When you strap on your shoes and get ready to face what you know would be a challenging workout, it is smart to think about taking a pre-workout supplement.

The best pre-workout supplement will contain ingredients that help improve circulation. The blood is responsible for the delivery of all those nutrients your muscles need so getting it flowing well can help in all aspects.

With your muscles receiving a steady stream of nutrients you’ll see a definite improvement of physical performance long enough to crush that workout until the bell rings.

2. After Workout Reward Yourself

There is a saying that goes like this: “Exercise is 80% mental and 20% physical.” Basically, if your mind isn’t in it, you won’t succeed.

So, how do you keep your mind engaged in the workout to help see it through to the end?

Well, there’s always bribery. If you put a reward at the end of your workout, you’ll be more likely to finish it. Just be sure not to reward yourself with an ice cream sundae or some other thing that will ruin all the effort you put forth.

3. Make a Playlist

It’s amazing the power that music can bring to your mood. In fact, the right playlist during your workout has been proven to help you perform better.

The best music to listen to during your workouts has a fast-paced beat with some strong bass. Of course, the best tempo for your current workout depends on what type of exercise you are engaging in.

For instance, cycling requires about ten more beats per minute for the best performance than a treadmill workout would require.

Spotify has preset playlists with differing beats per minute dedicated to athletic use. It sure makes finding the right paced playlist easier.

4. Focus on Each Step

It can be intimidating to think of the workout as a whole. When each minute is intense, thinking about how difficult it will be to finish the entire workout can really drain you.

Instead, focus on finishing just one part of the workout. Whether that be a rep, a circuit, or a quarter-mile, focus on completing that to the best of your ability.

Once that step is over, simply move to the next. Before you know it, your workouts is almost over.

5. Enlist a Friend

It’s human nature to want to impress people. We’ll do anything to not look like a fool, including push through a hard workout!

This is why working out with a friend is so effective. Accountability and friendly competition can do wonders for your workouts performance.

After all, who wants to finish last or lift the least?


There’s no shame in using tricks to help you push through a hard workouts. Whether you have a mental block or your body is giving in on you, do what you can to overcome it.

These five tricks are used by beginners and professional athletes alike. Feel free to use them next time you face a difficult workout.

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