Valentine’s Day Gifts – Best Surprises you can Give to your Loved Ones this Valentine

Valentine’s Day also called as the Feast of Saint Valentine or Saint Valentine’s Day and is annually celebrated on 14th February. For naming our modern day of love Valentine, ancient roman may also be responsible. Executed two men, named Valentine, in 3rd century AD. On 14th February of different years, their martyrdom was honored with the celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day by the Catholic Church. People celebrate the day with Valentine’s Day Gifts to their loved one or whom they admire.

 Purpose of Valentine’s Day?

Later on, the congregation wanted to transform the celebration of the Day into a Christian festival. Continuously Valentine’s Day name began to be utilized by every individual to express their love and emotions for those whom they love or cherished. Love is the only Purpose for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day

Here are some Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Loved ones

  1. Valentine’s Day Gifts Greeting Card
  2. Cute Teddy Bear
  3. Decorated glass Bottle with lights inside.
  4. Eiffel Tower showpiece.
  5. Statues and sculptures.
  6. Bride Groom Statues.
  7. Flower Bunches – Red Roses.
  8. Brown stuffed Teddy with Heart.
  9. Chocolate Boxes.
  10. Coffee Mugs with Quote.

The Romans had a festival which is called Lupercalia in the middle of month February, officially that is the start of their springtime. Boys drew the name of the Girl from the Box, having a thought that as a part of celebrations.

Valentine’s Day Gifts
Valentine’s Day Gifts

Here are some Valentine’s Day quotes and Valentine’s Day pics

  • Love is something that doesn’t make the world go round, Love is something that makes the Ride worthwhile.
  • We cannot see the beautiful things in this world with our eye or even cannot touch, that must be felt with the heart.
  • My heart is given to you, Oh give yours to me, we will lock them up, and throw away the Key.
  • Love is not about finding some to Live with, It is finding someone that you feel you can’t live without.
  • “Love is almost like the wind, you cannot see it with your naked eye But You can feel it”.
  • Love like a River that will cut a new path whenever that meets any Obstacle.
  • You are a perfect partner for life I could ask for, you play the most important part of my life, a true soulmate. Because you always stay in my heart, my wife! I Love You.
  • For you, each and every day now my heart is filled with so much of love. I Just to let you know on this Valentine, I Love you very much.
  • You cannot even imagine how happy I am since you accepted my proposal, that day I felt like I could touch the stars, I Love You so very much my love!
  • Love is a very weak word for the way I feel for you, sometimes I feel like that this life is very small to express how important you are to me. Happy Valentine’s Day my Love.

 Valentine week List – 7th February to 14th February Valentine’s week Days.

Valentine’s Day is considered as a very special day, not just only for couples but for every person out there. However, some people don’t like this day but the numbers are very less. This day is celebrated on 14th February of every year. Generally, 14th February is the main event among valentine’s week events. Starting from 7th Feb and finally ending on 14thFeb as Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s weekdays starts on 7th February with the Rose Day, then after that comes the Propose day on 8thFeb, then Chocolate day on 9th February. After that comes 10th February, the Teddy day following by the Promise day on 11th Feb. On 12th February, it’s a Hug Day. Kiss Day on 13th Feb and thereafter the final event 14th February, Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day

In the Southern Hemisphere February is a summer month, equivalent to August. The name February is named for the Latin word which is “februum” which actually means Purification. With January, according to the Roman calendar, it was the last of all the months. With 28 days, February was considered to be the unlucky month. Romans honored dead and perform the rites of purification on this month that could be the fact according to the slate.

21st January is considered as the National Hugging Day or National Hug Day, The United States copyright office officially recognized the day but this day is not a Public Holiday. The purpose of this National hug day is to show emotions in public and to help everyone. In Denmark, Valentine’s Day is a new holiday. White day is also celebrated by several other Asian Countries including South Korea and Vietnam. In early 1990s, young people began celebrating it.

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