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Why Apple Removes Headphone Jack from Iphone 7?

In the last event conducted by Apple of its Apple 7th phone launch, all the eyes were widely taken by iPhone 7 audio jack removal. The next gen iPhone 7 without Headphone jack, will it become a hit or it will lose the game? The iPhone new headphone jack was being guessed as an alternative earlier before its release.

The new iPhone 7 users will miss the iPhone 3.5 mm jack, this will be a really hard to convince its users for using iPhone’s wireless headphone jacks. Is the iPhone 7 headphone jack removal asserted?

Why Apple Removes Headphone Jack from Iphone 7?

Regrettably, the answer to this question is no for now.

In the middle of iPhone 7 event, an executive of Apple Phil Schiller aforesaid that iPhone 7 audio jack is removed due to ‘courage’. Courage is referred to ‘The courage of moving ahead and working for the betterment of us.’ Well, we think that Schiller failed in explaining actually what he meant by ‘working for betterment’.

Waggish part of this was if Apple decided to minus our most loved technologies, whether FireWire, optical disc drive, it could also decide to bring out the technical business from it or could have just straightly explain why Apple took the step of iPhone new headphone jack and removing the 3.5 mm jack from it. In the last week iPhone 7 without headphone jack launch, Schiller was a lingo.

New Apple technology is completely abandoning the easy, global, long lasting & veracious technology of headphones. As a manufacturer, if someone desires to manufacture Lightning-based headphones, they are required to pay privilege to Apple. For using the Lightning-based headphones you will have to be an iPhone 7 owner as it won’t function with any other device, along you’ll also have to carry a headphone charger wherever you travel. The Apple headphone charger is the biggest loophole, it is mandatory to carry your phone charger and the headphone charger all together wherever you go.

A jumbo shift is marked by Apple since it’s obligatory for their users to listen audio via wireless headphones and by which Apple comes out to be doing a horrible job. Apple’s previous abandon on various technologies was not as nasty as this.

If Apple desired to sell iPhone 7 based out on its style & design, it ought to have start & aforementioned with boldness & widely the removal of the jack is unattainable. According to Schiller, Apple’s decision of removing headphone jack from iPhone 7 facilitated them in building up IP7 waterproof threshold, putting a far more advanced camera tech and a 15% longer lasting battery in a 4.7-inch handset. Such pointers of Apple were the only convincing things throughout the event but the compulsion of using Lightning-headphones is totally disheartening.

Looking forward, it is going to be enticing to see customers adopting the new technology of iPhone 7 or it becomes a pain in the neck for its users, or might be in a few years we’ll be looking back to this day and wondering how we sticked to a 3.5 mm jack for this long.

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