Why December is the best time to spend a vacation in Andaman Islands.

Vacation in Andaman is one of the foremost preferred destinations for Indians and international tourists. Basically, tourism could be a very growing industry in India. Because India is a place that’s known for an outsized number of tourist spots and admires features, like culture, heritage, history, and natural resources. Although Andaman is one of the popular destinations to be travel in December month.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an Indian archipelago in the bay in Bengal and union territory of Indian comprising 570 islands that are known for palm-fringed, white-sand beaches, mangroves, and tropical rainforests, islands having a surprising coastline supporting marine life. The region is all about 155 to 160 km north of Aceh in Indonesia and separated from Thailand by the Andaman sea. Together with Indian people, most of the foreign people travel to Andaman to celebrate their Christmas and new year to enjoy their vacation in Andaman with their family and loved ones.

December is the best time to spend the vacation in the Andaman Islands.

The winter season in Andaman is that the best time to travel the islands. Because most travel agencies consider this starting November to march is that the peak season for Andaman and December month is one among the highest-selling package for these islands. People spend their vacation in Andaman to enjoy and make their life and journey memorable with their partner or family. Islands are basically famous for crystal clear water with their beautiful beaches and multiple water activity. Water is ideal for scuba diving and underwater sea walking. Radhanagar, Elephant, Bharatpur beaches, etc are the foremost popular beaches in Andaman to visit. Let start with reasons to spend a vacation in the Andaman Islands.

1) Christmas and new year fun parties.

Eventually, December is that the last month of the year and starting the primary month of winter. Winter is so poetic, pleasant, and just a dreamy season to travel, you’ll smell the fresh winter air and just have a flash to be grateful for your life. It provides the right farewell to the present year and an active, enthusiastic welcome to the fresh year. December is understood for Christmas and new year fun parties are Christmas Eve party, Christmas party, New year’s Eve party, New year’s day party, or countless other theme parties, this month is a fulsomeness of fun and joy!

2) The Cellular jail.

We have just heard about kaala pani jail from the Pre-independence days. The kaala pani is also known as cellular jail which must be an amazing place to visit because it is most popular for light and sound shows. Which happens inside the jail. Why jail was called kaala pani? Because all around the jail is surrounded by sea and no prisoner can escape from this jail. The cellular jail beholds the pain and sacrifices of our freedom fighters, Post-independence. Later jail has been organized by the government and kept open for visiting so that visitor can spend their vacation in Andaman and enjoy the construction and history of this jail. The cellular jail is located in Port Blair. Which is 4 to 6 (km) far from the airport.

3)The Breathtaking and Adorable beaches.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands home are several gorgeous and adorable beaches. Though there are numerous beaches in Andaman, here you should consider a number of the simplest beaches alongside exciting water spot activity in December, which is striking about Andaman

Radhanagar beach is one of the foremost famous beaches within the Havelock island (Andaman itself). Radhanagar beach has considered the title of the simplest beaches in Asia. It’s one of the spectacular beaches you’ll spend your vacation in Andaman (havelock island). Beach is all covered with coconut trees and from all the encompassing area messed with tropical jungle from each side. This provides a singular and pleasant or relaxing feeling to remain near hotels in the jungle.

Water spot activity: – Snorkeling, Scuba Diving.

Elephant beach is extremely famous for the brilliant coral reefs that one is often found in-depth. It’s also one of the foremost famous beaches in Andaman and also referred to as a public beach. Elephant beach is one of the key attractions for all visitors and it took 20 minutes to travel the beach by ferry, the ferry is quite known as a small water boat. December is that the best time to spend a vacation in Andaman because you’ll see the foremost beautiful of the clean shores, unaffected by manmade pollution and Crystal clear water.

Water spot activity: – Sea Walking, Jet Skiing.

Bharatpur beach is also one of the best beaches you can visit with your family as the beach is full of the lagoon with gentle waves hitting the shore. Beach is also known as the white sand beach. It is great to get to the Bharatpur beach early in the morning to catch the sun rising from the sky and unpleasant sand from the water. After enjoying the time and monetized the beach you can head down to enjoy the local marine life. December is a pleasant time to spend a vacation in Andaman (Neil Island) because it is also famous for marine life and is perfect for you to have relaxation in the water.

Water spot activity: – Glass-Bottom ride, Banana and Speed boat ride

Conclusion: –

Andaman is the paradise destination in the world. Everything about Andaman is exotic pleasant and heavenly. It is one of the most popular places that come across in India in which people from worldwide like to come and spend their vacation. It’s a destination for all, so whenever you’re planning a honeymoon or family vacation in December month. All you ought to consider the Andaman first. So, you’ll enjoy the Christmas and fresh year parties with multiple activities together with your family and loved ones, and covered all the Spectacular beaches with their water spot activity. We hope you should consider your next December vacation in Andaman.

1) Christmas and new year fun parties.

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