Why Doctors Should be Getting Paid More

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If you’re a doctor who feels you should get paid more, you’re not wrong for feeling the way you do. Many people may scoff at the idea, but you know how hard you work.

Becoming a doctor is fulfilling, but it is not the easiest of careers. You not only spend many years in school but are putting your life on the line in some situations.

So what do you say to people who feel that doctors shouldn’t be getting paid more?

Here are five arguments on why doctors deserve a raise!

1. There Aren’t Enough Doctors to Care for Everyone

Doctors who specialize in something, such as endocrinology, make a decent salary. In fact, they make a lot more than primary care physicians. Specialists should get paid more since they studied hard to be skilled in their field.

But many primary care physicians don’t nearly get paid as much as specialists. And when that happens, many doctors become a specialist instead.

If a doctor chooses to be a primary care physician, they usually make less, which isn’t fair to doctors. They spent years in school as well, and don’t you think they should be rewarded as well?

At least, that is the argument of many doctors who aren’t getting paid enough to provide high-quality care.

Unfortunately, sometimes there’s a shortage of primary care doctors. They want to get paid more, and do you blame them?! They have expensive student loans to pay off as other higher-paying physicians do too!

2. They Give Up Their “Fun” Years

Many college students do the bare minimum to pass their classes. All the while, doctors put in long, hard hours every day.

After completing a four-year undergraduate program, they go to medical school for four years. And then after eight years in school, they spend three to seven years as a resident.

By the time a medical student becomes a doctor, 10 to 14 years have passed! Most students have time to sow their wild oats and have some fun, but not a doctor.

While a typical college student is hitting the clubs, a doctor is up all night studying for a big exam the next day. They’re putting their blood, sweat, and tears into their schooling!

Of course, many students who aren’t doctors work hard as well. But you have to admit that doctors put a lot of time and effort to be where they’re at today.

3. Worrying About Liability

A doctor has a lot at stake when treating a patient. Of course, putting the needs of their patient first is their priority. But while caring for a patient, they need to keep liabilities in mind.

Sadly, a doctor must consider how they would defend themselves in court if a patient were to come after them. But it’s part of the job because patients trust in their physician to provide them with exceptional care.

Doctors should get paid more because of the liability. It’s not easy caring for a patient while understanding that it could turn into an ugly court battle one day. No one likes to think that way, but it’s a harsh reality one must consider every day.

4. It’s Not Easy Being a Doctor

We already covered that doctors spend years in school, and some doctors get paid more than others. But we also wanted to point out that being a doctor isn’t the easiest of careers.

Physicians have to deal with a lot of stress while often working overtime. They always think about whether a diagnosis is accurate. And if something goes wrong, they are very hard on themselves.

Sometimes a patient has a reaction to medication or doesn’t respond to treatment well. It may not be the doctor’s fault, but it’s hard not to let everything get to them.

Dealing with that type of stress is tough, and so is being in charge of a practice, if you run your own business.

There is a lot that goes into being a doctor, and not everyone can grasp that. Due to the difficulty of the job, doctors should have a higher paying salary!

5. They Have Mounds of Debt

Even though doctors get an excellent salary, they have a lot of debt by the time they finish school. After all, medical school isn’t cheap. Debt doesn’t magically disappear when a doctor gets a job. It takes years for them to pay off student loans.

If they were to get paid more, that means they could pay off their loans that much quicker.

As a doctor, then you likely agree. Wouldn’t it be nice to start saving for retirement instead of worrying about debt? A higher salary would help, provided a salary gets spent wisely.

In Conclusion

Doctors should get recognized for their dedication. And that should include getting paid a higher salary.

Giving up their youth and being in debt are two excellent examples. And we also covered why primary care physicians should be getting paid more as well.

As a doctor who gives your job your all, you love treating patients and getting them healthy again. Now, if only you get paid more!

As times continue to change, hopefully, your salary will change and grow too. At least one can hope!

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