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Best SEO Tools Used By Experts in 2018

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Best SEO Tools- If you are a beginner, finding your way around search engine optimization (SEO) can prove to be a hard task. It is not a walk in the path for the folks who have been familiar with it for quite some time either. However, it does not have to be a headache.

With the help of SEO tools, you can make the most out of SEO and get the most satisfactory reports from SERP tracker. Howbeit, you should do some background research in order for you to find the best pick. With the help of the following points, the process will be way easier for you.

Best SEO Tools of 2018

Why so? The recommended tools have been tried and tested by SEO experts.

Best SEO tools to use in 2018

1. Ahrefs

AHREF is one of the best SEO tools experts like to use. If you want to improve your site ranking then Ahrefs is to go for. Ahrefs site explorer has one of the best backlinks analysis tools. Remember that it is important to track competition in SEO. The tools will help you keep track of the most popular keywords used by other businesses in your industry, and in addition, find the most popular content for that.

Ahrefs is winning because it is a package of more than one tool. It also has Keyword Explorer that gives you a keyword’s search volume: and the fact that you have been given the opportunity to know how it ranks globally and nationally is amazing.

You can even get free trials with which you can test the effectiveness of the different packages. Also, you can get free accounts with a few restrictions. To make the most out of the tools, you can subscribe to different plans that may cost as low as $99.

2. Seobility

What is so good about seobility? First of all, you have the option of using either a free package or a paid package. Seobility is a tool that you will use to conduct an audit of various aspects of SEO. The tools include SEO Check that allows you to do a generic test on your website and give you tips for better search engine optimization. The other feature is a Keyword Check that will help you gauge whether your site is efficiently optimized for the targeted keywords.

Last but not least, SEO Compare and Ranking Check that will help you compare pages for keywords and check for your site ranking for any particular keyword, respectively. Remember that you can always extend the functionality of these tools to give an all-inclusive analysis.

3. Serpstat

Serpstat is the perfect tool for PPC, SEO and content marketing. Well, there is are no free or trial accounts, but the tool is worth your every penny.

What exactly does the tool feature? It will collect for you the keywords you need for your PPC and SEO campaigns. It will also aid in determining the value of the keywords you are using. More so, it will aid in bolstering your semantic core by searching for suggestions and finding keyword variations for you.

It is no secret of how long-tail keywords could be beneficial to your page ranking. Serpstat has that covered too: it will get you long-tail keywords. Serpstat is the best in doing a comprehensive job as on top of the mentioned, it will help you know the relevance of your webpage, find out what other pages show when similar keywords are searched and do an analysis of the trend of keywords.

Serpstat does not limit you when it comes to making payment, it offers you four different pay plans and all you are required to do is pick one that meets your needs most.

4. Long Tail Pro

What does a Long Tail Pro do for your SEO? Keyword research is its function. And yes, it is paid for.

Long Tail Pro (LTP) is like no other tool. It is a cloud-based application: well it was initially downloaded until some developments were made to it. Being cloud-based means that you can simply use it in your browser, regardless of the computer or device you are using and where you are.

LTP will make your keyword research faster and easier: especially after being migrated to the cloud.

5. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is the best tool for outreach. You will get value for your money through your outreach being made easier and faster than it would normally be. Automation makes everything better: the feature allows you to automate follow-up emails.

Pitchbox will help you to connect with connecting with the best sites and potential customers by giving you quality suggestions. Note that Pitchbox is not limited to reaching out. It has additional features such as link monitoring.

It also allows for multiple users and you will not have a problem if you work with a team. You can also get started with a free-day trial.

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