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9-15 November 2015 News | Terrorist Attacks Take The Center-stage Ahead Of G20 Summit in Turkey

9-15 November 2015 News- These are the top and trending news for the week November 9 – 15, 2015.

1.) ISIS Hideout Discovered in Turkey Ahead of the

ISIS terrorist blew himself up in the southern Turkey today as 4 policemen got injured. The G20 summit is going to happen on Sunday near the Mediterranean city of Antalya. India PM Narendra Modi arrived in Turkey after his 3-day UK visit.

The Police Dept. conducted a raid at a suspected ISIS hideout ahead of the G-20 summit. It was during the raid that an explosion happened and wounded the four policemen.  However, it is still not clear if the ISIS militants were planning something to cause damage to the G-20 summit. The attack took place 800 km away from Antalya. The militant activated explosives attached to his body when police raided an apartment in a 10-storey building in the town of Gaziantep, the Dogan News agency said.

The Turkish Government is on high alert as 13,000 policemen have been deployed ahead of the two-day summit. G20 summit normally occurs to discuss the economic issues. But, this time the fight against terrorism has been expected to be top on the agenda. PM Modi has already issued a statement that combating terror will be one of his top priorities. The summit is happening one day after the Paris attacks.

2.) Paris Attacks 13 November 2015- 129 Killed:-

Paris faced a series of brutal terrorist attacks on the night of November 13, starting at 21:46 CET. The series of seven coordinated terrorist attacks consisted of mass shootings, suicide bombings and hostage-taking. In total, six mass shootings and three suicide bombings happened in five different locations of Paris. At least 129 people have been reported to be killed, while 352 people have been injured. 89 people died during a hostage situation at Bataclan in Boulevard Voltaire, a music venue.

This is the second terrorist attack within a year in Paris. The earlier terrorist attack happened in January 7, when the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo was attacked, reportedly by Al-Qaeda. The November 2015 Paris attacks have been considered the deadliest in the European Union since the Madrid train bombings in 2004, and to occur in France since the Second World War.

Following the fatal incident on the night of 13th November, the French President François Hollande declared a state of emergency. Later Hollande also vowed for a ‘merciless’ response to the enemy groups of France. On November 14, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS or ISIL) claimed the responsibility for the attacks. ISIS claimed that the actions were retaliation of for French involvement in the Syrian Civil War and Iraqi Civil War. French troops have been involved in airstrikes in Syria and Iraq since September 2014.

Paris terror attack: Everything we know so far on Sunday morning.

3.) Twin Suicide Bombings in Beirut- 12 November:-

Apart from the unfortunate Paris attacks, other parts of the world also encountered severe unfortunate events. On November 12 two suicide bombings took place in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. It was Lebanon’s worst terrorist attack this year that killed around 43 people and injured at least 239. ISIS again claimed the responsibility for this attack as well, and said that their targets are Shia Muslims. The bombings are the deadliest since the end of the Lebanon’s Civil War in 1990.

The twin strikes happened in a busy shopping street in Burj al-Barajneh, a Hezbollah stronghold. Hezbollah forces are fighting ISIS in neighbouring Syria. Lebanon has been going through a long-running political debacle. The country has offered shelter to more than 1 million Syrian refugees. Like Hollande, Hezbollah has also vowed to continue its fight against terrorists and issued warning of a ‘long-war’. It seems things could get even uglier in coming times.

4.) ISIS Strikes in Baghdad 13 November- 26 Killed:-

In Baghdad (Iraq’s capital) ISIS again plotted two massacres on November 13, that killed at least 26 people while 41 have been reported to be wounded. One militant blew up himself in funeral held for Shiite Muslim fighter (who was killed in battle against the Islamic State) in the Baghdad suburb of Hay al-Amal. The incident killed 21 people. Another roadside bombing took place at Shiite shrine in Sadr City, killing at least five people and wounding 15.

5.) Powerful Earthquake in Japan 13 November (7.0 Magnitude) 

On November 13, Japan’s south-western coast experienced an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude that triggered a small tsunami. Luckily no serious damage or injury has been reported yet.

6.) Modi Received Huge Cheers at Wembley – Two Great Nations, One Glorious Future Event:-

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed around 60,000 people at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London, UK on Friday, 13th November. The event theme was ‘Two Great Nations, One Glorious Future’. PM Modi received a warm welcome at the Wembley and his speech was cheered with huge applause from the crowd. Modi took a special mention of Imran Khan from Alwar in Rajasthan. Imran has developed more than 50 mobile applications (app) and offered them to students at free of cost. During the event British Prime Minster David Cameroon also received huge roars from the crowd when he greeted the crowd with words and phrases like ‘Namaste‘Kem Cho Wembley‘ and ‘Achhe Din Ayenge‘. At least something good and cheerful happened on November 13 as well.

7.) India vs South Africa Paytm Test Series- India Got The Upperhand:-

Following a brilliant win at Mohali last week, India showed similar intent on the first day of the second test at Bangalore. After winning the toss Indian captain Virat Kohli decided to field first. South Africa tried hard to battle the spin, but they were again found to be clueless against Ashwin and Jadeja as they were bundled out for 214. This was A B De Villiers 100th Test match, and he did make it special. He made 85, and received huge applause from the crowd.

After the end of the 1st day, India were 80 without loss. However, the second day got washed out completely due to rain. The third and fourth days have also been predicted with thunderstorms, hence adding frustration to the Indian team.

8.) Hero Indian Super League (ISL) – Battle for Semi-Final Spots is Open and Wide:-

The Hero ISL is approaching its business end, and the fight for the top 4 spots is getting spicy. All eight teams still can qualify for the semi-finals. Currently, Goa, Pune, Delhi and Kolkata are on the top of the table. You can refer to the Points Table of the Hero ISL 2015.

9.) Dalai Lama’s Take on Bihar Election Results – Ask for Religious Tolerance:-

In the midst of terror killings, hatred and intolerance issues in India and worldwide, the spiritual leader Dalai Lama gave a statement on Sunday that Bihar election results show that the majority of Hindus still believe in non-violence, tolerance and peace. He also emphasised that religious tolerance is the need of the hour, and it should be done at schools and universities.

10.) Twin Brothers and Twin Sisters Got Married- Twin Wedding:-

Truly a unique wedding happened in Thrissur district Kerala this week. Identical twin brothers Dinker and Dilraj married identical twin sisters Reena and Reema. They got married in front of twin Priests, twin Pageboys and Twin Bridesmaids (Flower-girls). The wedding ceremony occurred at the St. Xavier’s Church in Pulur.

11.) Salman’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Released on Diwali:-

Salman Khan featured in double role in Sooraj Barjatya’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, which released on Diwali. The film had great expectations, and opened with great collections at the box-office. However, poor script and screenplay and way too many songs in the 2 hours 54 minutes movie became the butt of jokes on social media platforms. The films still managed to earn 40 crores on the opening day, and 100 crores within 3 days of the release.

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