Earthquake on 26 December India Delhi NCR Chandigarh Peshawar News

Earthquake on 26 December 2015 Mid Night at 12:50 AM– In this year, again the Earthquake strikes Northern India. This time with the intensity of 6.5 Magnitude on Richter scale. So here is some information about the Earthquake on 26th December in Northern India Today Mid night, Earthquake in Delhi NCR, Earthquake on 26th December, Earthquake News, Earthquake in Noida Today, Earthquake in Gurgaon, Earthquake on 26 December Jammu Kashmir, Earthquake on 26 December Punjab, Earthquake in Afghanistan that rocked Northern India etc. Earthquake on 25 December Night 12.50 AM

Earthquake on 26 December News:

Back to back earthquakes are being felt the month after month. After the 26/10 Earthquake and 7th December which was off 7.7 and 7.2 magnitude on reactor scale respectively. That earthquake shook the whole North India and there were a devasting effect on the building. Now on Monday, 26th December 2015 one more Earthquake hit Northern India. The magnitude of this earthquake was 6.5 but had the minimum effect to the structures in India.

After checking the resources, it was found that the Earthquake epicentre was in Peshawar. Thus, the effect on the building was minimum. After this Earthquake, Analyst says that this is one the biggest Earthquake. But the biggest one is still left and when that will come it will have a damaging effect on every place which will come into its path.

7 December Earthquake

So we should be prepared for any other Earthquake we may see in the Future. Follow the safety procedure if there is any Earthquake you feel. And keep everyone safe.

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