Indian Hackers Hacked Pakistani Govt Website- PayBack for 26/11

Pakistani Govt Website Hacked by Indian Hackers- Payback for 26/11 attacks, reports says. Lots of people may be in search for keywords like Indian Hackers hacked Pakitan Govt. Hacked website Name, Who Hacked Pakistani Govt. Website, Name of Hackers. As per the news released today (26th November, 2015), is providing you information about this hacking news.

Now this is what we call taking Revenge without any violence. Today any Pakistani who logged into the Pakistan Government Website got a serious notification on their screen. Would you like to see, what the notification was and how it looked. It showed the nationality even of the Hackers. We might be criminals, but at least we are Indians, the notices seems to be clear. So here is a brief news on Indian Hackers who hacked Pakistani Official Website or their Government Website.

Indian Hacker Hacked Pakistani Govt Website:

A group of Indian Hackers, who call themselves the Indian Black Hats attacked the Pakistani Government with the cyber attack. On the official website of Pakistan Government i.e., www. Here is what the people of Pakistan saw on the web portal.

Pakistani Govt Website
Pakistani Govt Website

This Indian Black Hats has hacked into two Pakistani Government Websites and 10 non-government domains on Thursday (26th November 2016). On the same day, Fours years ago Pakistani terrorists attacked Mumbai and killed many people. Now, finally someone reminded them that we will never forget the attack and we will also not allow you to forget that.

On Thursday, this attack was led by ‘team Indian Black Hats’, a group of like-minded hackers from across the country.  The two government websites that the Indian Black Hats hacked are and, while a variety of non-government domains, including, as well were hacked by the Black Hats.

According to one of the hackers, “This “attack” was launched as a tribute to the martyrs of 26/11″. They also stated that the payback is still to come.

What do you think about this? Is this a crime. Cyber attack is a crime, but this attack didn’t harm anyone. Just notified them about the “PayBack”. We do not support the Cyber Attacks, but this was done for the nation and without harming anyone. So we support this. What’s your say about this?

EduMovLive Team pays tribute to all the martyr of 26/11 and we pray that time like that did not happen again. And hope Indian Government takes some action on 26/11 attacks and many more that have happened before.

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