Security Issues in Android Phone | How to Secure Photos, Videos in Phone

Security Issues in Android Phone and How to Secure Photos, Videos in Phone- Now days phone become like  the important part of our lives, and you want to keep it safe like your life. Safe from loss or theft, safe from your personal data. Keeping your things safe usually comes all the way down to logic, and your smartphone is no different than your PC or home. Taking basic precautions will go a long way toward saving you time and money. Here are the few things your phone does very well in the solving the security issues.

Security Issues In Android Phone Can Protect Your Data Easily:

As with any device, you must ready for the most effective and prepare for the worst. Android’s consist of Device Protection options which are essential to use, and that they little time to set up. Most Security Issues can be protected from the settings in Android Phone that you carry. So Check out those important features that need to be used so that you don’t face Security Issues on your Android phone.

1. Make sure Android Device Manager is on:

Be ready if you lost your phone you can find it by using Android Device Manager. For this, you have a Google account and then switch on “Remotely find this device” and “Allow remote lock and erase”. Now try to use “find my phone”, so you will recognize how it work if you have to use it in future

Security Issues in android
Security Issues in android

2. Use a pin, password or pattern to lock your phone.

This is very easy to set. In most of Android devices to use password or pattern lock, go to your Location & Security Settings for instructions. In iOS phones, users can find these functions in the General options of their settings.

3. Download apps only from trusted stores.

If you’re browsing for a new app or game in your phone, use Google Play. Before, download the app check its rating and review, if it is available and read the instruction and policy of app before download.

4. Back up your data

This is to save or protect the data of your phone. you can create the backup of your phone to restore the information through the Backup Assistant Plus and Verizon Cloud. you can save all the data such as music, contacts, pictures  and documents etc to the cloud.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.

Keep turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection when it is not in use, thieves can use them to connect to your device and access files.

Security Issues in android
Security Issues in android

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