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These Classy Urdu Insults Will Leave People Confused | Must Try Once

When someone says something bad to you. The Argument starts over And if you are at the losing side, you feel bad. So here is some Classy Urdu Insults one-liners that will make you relieved and will also give you sometime to think about what to say next. Here are the Urdu sentences that can be used if you Wanna Insult Someone. And they will need time to figure it out. Urdu Language has always been known for its purity and amazing words. Now, you can also use these amazing Urdu lines to Insult someone and they will be left with some confusion.

Classy Urdu Insults Lines:

Here are the 10 sentences if you Wanna Insult Someone and leave them confused.

1. My foot is in your butt’s destiny: A cool one

Classy Urdu Insults

2. You are a skin disease in which watery blisters form on the skin: EewwwClassy Urdu Insults

3. You are An Ulcer Caused from Piles: Another EeewwClassy Urdu Insults

4. You are a tumour on the world: Pure InsultClassy Urdu Insults

5. My wish is that Dogs pee outside your house every Single dayClassy Urdu Insults

6. You The Child of a Lazy, Stupid Person
Classy Urdu Insults

7. Either Talk Nicely or My Shoe will be Your Head’s CrownClassy Urdu Insults

8. You must Die
Classy Urdu Insults

9. Does this road belong’s to your FatherClassy Urdu Insults

10. My hand is anxious to redden your cheekClassy Urdu Insults

So here were the Top 10 Classy Urdu Sentences in Urdu that you can use if you Wanna Insult Someone. Abusing sometimes makes things much worse than you think. So these sentences can be used in place of the abusive words.

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