When Milk and Coca Cola Mixed? What Happens Next?

Drinking Coca Cola every day, even milk to. But never made a Mocktail of Both. This one video will show you what happens when you Mix Coca Cola and Milk together. Mocktails have become a daily dose in our lifestyle. Mixing various drinks to get the best taste out of it. This time somebody tried to see what happens when they mix Coca Cola and Milk. So here is the result to What happens when Milk and Coca-Cola is Mixed?

Coca Cola and Milk Mixing Video

I recently when through this amazing video. It shows the mixing of Coca Cola and Milk. I first thought that something burst will happen. like Coca Cola will buzz out of the cap, or it would create a new Mocktail. But what happened was unexpected.

The Outcome of the Mixture:

When Milk was introduced into Coke bottle, it made the changes in it. First the bubbles were seen, then slowly slowly it settled down. Now after the settlement of the Milk in Coke, the coke started to get separated from the Water. It created a chocolate color mixture which settled down and was really thick.

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