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Top 5 Benefits of Being Single On This Valentine’s Day | 14th Feb for Singles

Top 5 Benefits of Being Single On This Valentine’s Day | 14th Feb for Singles. Being Single on 14th Feb is Beneficial, Check below how?

If you are feeling sad (or lonely) for not having a girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, well it is not too bad actually to be honest. Being single has got a lot of benefits. Lets’s have a look at the benefits for being Single on Valentine’s Day in 2016.

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1. Save at least Rs. 2,500


If you are single on this Valentine’s Day, you will save something between Rs. 740 to Rs. 27, 390. Men spend more on Valentine’s Day in India – Survey according to Times of India, and even in USA. Even if you are a single girl, you will have the freedom to spend the money on shopping, at the parlor, or having few Tequila shots. Guys – you have lot of options as well. Have a look at the following table.

[table id=2 /]

Data Sources: creditloan / fundivo /  B2C and Times Of India.

2. Watch India vs Sri Lanka 3rd T20I at 7:30 PM


Image Courtesy: Cricinfo

The ongoing India vs Sri Lanka series is evenly poised as both teams have won one game so far. In the first match, Indian batting top order got blown away by CAK Rajitha in Pune courtesy a green top. At Ranchi, the Indian Team flexed their batting muscles and crushed the Sri Lanka on a dry surface in the second T20I. This is the age of T20 cricket – fast, exhilarating and sexy; hence the cricket fans ((read boys) won’t like to give it a miss. More often than not, girls are not too bothered of cricket, forget about being fanatic. So, if you are single on February 14, and fanatic about cricket, then watch India and Sri Lanka locking horns in Vishakhapatnam on Sunday evening for the series decider ahead of the Asia Cup T20 and World Cup T20.

3. Spend a Susti Waali Lazy Sunday


C’mon February 14 in 2016 is a Sunday. After a whole week of hard work and Saturday night party, we need to relax and chill. There is nothing better than just lying on the bed whole day like dead on a Sunday for the lazy guys (and girls). If you are committed, you just cannot afford to feel lazy on Valentine’s Day. So you see, this is a huge benefit of being single.

4. No need to watch Fitoor or Sanam Re on Valentine’s Day

No need to watch Fitoor or Sanam Re, just because your girlfriend wants to watch a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day; though I wonder if any girl will want to watch Sanam Re (Kyun banate ye sab movie). You can rather watch Deadpool though, and avoid the melodramatic tantrums.

5. Be Tension Free and Happy

There are several benefits of being single. You can spend time on your hobbies, save money, travel to new places of your choice, spend time with your best pals and more importantly, you can be tension free. Apart from the Valentine’s Day, you also get saved from the horror of other 7 preceding (ch******) days (and expenses).

Benefits of Being Single On This Valentine's Day

It’s not proved yet if Happy Woman is a myth or not, but forget about happiness once you become committed. If Virat Gaali Kohli, one of the most successful and strategic batsmen in modern cricket couldn’t pull it off like the run chases, then what about the Mango (aam) people. However, I am not sure about the Truth behind the Breakup News of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma.

“It’s a funny thing about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.” – Maugham, W. Somerset

“Love is Important, but don’t chase it endlessly or desperately. Rather spend that time and energy on your well-being, education, career and with friends and family. Be Happily Single.” – Tanmoy Ray

For the committed love birds – if you are really in love with someone, you don’t need a dedicated day to express your love.

Those who are looking for their soulmates – no need to be desperate or feel unhappy on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the moments.

Those who are planning to propose to their crush on V-Day – why are you guys waiting for February 14? You don’t need to look at the calendar, but listen to your heart (and brain) to decide the right time to tell your special one.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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